6 de febrero de 2009

Movie CORALINE Premiere

The WORLD PREMIERE of the new 3-D movie CORALINE.

Opening-Night film of the 2009 Portland International Film Festival

Voiceover cast members DAKOTA FANNING, TERI HATCHER, and ROBERT BAILEY,JR.; HENRY SELICK director/screenwriter; NEIL GAIMAN author; BILL MECHANIC producer; CLAIRE JENNINGS producer; PHIL KNIGHT owner LAIKA; TRAVIS KNIGHT head of animation LAIKA; BRAD BIRD, MATT GROENING, and many more...

WHEN: Thursday, February 5, 2009
Press check-in at 5:30PM; Arrivals begin at 6:30 PM; Screening begins 7:30 PM

1037 SW Broadway Drive
Portland, OR 97205

To celebrate the creative power and artistry behind the spectacular new movie Coraline, the Portland Art Museum will be transformed into the movie's Other World. Miniature sets and costumes were crafted by hand from some surprising materials to create a world unlike any other. Attendees will see up close characters' actual costumes and the movie's elaborate sets. Animators will be on hand to demonstrate the art of stop-motion, and the master knitter who created Coraline's tiny sweaters and gloves will replicate the miniatures on site. Join us for what will be a truly an extraordinary night!

Combining the visionary imaginations of two premier fantasists, director Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Newbery Award Winning Author Neil Gaiman (The Graveyard), Coraline is a wondrous and thrilling, fun and suspenseful adventure that honors and redefines two moviemaking traditions. It is a stop-motion animated feature - and, as the first one to be conceived and photographed in stereoscopic 3-D, unlike anything moviegoers have ever experienced before. From Oregon-based animation studio LAIKA, Coraline, MPAA-rated "PG," is released in theaters nationwide (in both 3-D and ]regular] 2-D) by Focus Features on Friday, February 6, 2009.

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